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Updated information on electronic publication in the manual.

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......@@ -74,7 +74,12 @@
The following works written at the Department of Computer Science
are eligible to be published in the Series:
\item Dissertations and habilitation treatises.
\item Dissertations\footnote{%
Note that the electronic publication in this series
is not the electronic publication the ``Promotionsordnung'' requires.
However, you can simply submit the PDF produced for this series
at the University Library to fulfill your obligations.}
and habilitation treatises.
\item Lecture notes and textbooks of sufficient quality.
\item Surveys, collections, handbooks, and alike of sufficient quality.
......@@ -528,14 +533,15 @@ depends on what kind of book you have written.
4 copies to to be submitted for the university's library,
as specified by the ``Promotionsordnung''
(mandatory, to be delivered to the institute
which will take care of distributing them accordingly).
Note that you will have to submit an electronic version
to the university's library as well\footnote{%
as specified by the ``Promotionsordnung''.
This is mandatory,
along with submitting an electronic version of your dissertation
to the university's library\footnote{%
See \url{}}
since the KCSS publication is not the official electronic publication
that the ``Promotionsordnung'' requires!
See the link in the footnote
for where to submit the printed copies.
1 copy each for your supervisor and your reviewers (optional)
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