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More details on the publishing process.

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......@@ -189,6 +189,8 @@ in quite a bit of detail.
Each stage starts with a short description of what it is about,
followed by a list of steps for you to follow.
\todo[inline]{Mention which parts to skip if KCSS is not used for a thesis, but for another kind of publication.}
......@@ -196,7 +198,7 @@ followed by a list of steps for you to follow.
Before you even start writing your thesis,
you need to obtain the KCSS style and set everything up properly.
Once that is done, you are ready to start the real work:
writing the dissertation that will earn you that PhD thing you want.
writing the dissertation that will earn you that degree you want.
......@@ -288,7 +290,7 @@ We will talk about that version in the later stages.
the University requires the submission version to contain a page
on which you guarantee that you adhered to proper scientific conduct
while producing the thesis.
This page should be properly prepared and included.
This page must be prepared and included.
Produce four printed copies of the submission version of your thesis.
......@@ -317,25 +319,133 @@ We will talk about that version in the later stages.
\subsubsection{Creating the Book Cover}
\todo[inline]{Write this section.}
Once you start to think about producing the final printing version of your thesis,
it is time to announce this intention to the KCSS QA people
to obtain information you need for your printing version.
Contact QA to announce your intention to publish a KCSS book.
They will respond by issuing you a number
(see \autoref{sub:numbers_versions}) and, if requested, an ISBN
(please note that ISBN registration fees have to be covered by the author).
Check with your printing service whether having a custom ISBN
changes the way the printing service handles publishing rights.
Some services require you to transfer copying rights,
which is not a good idea since the printing service
is not the only outlet where you will publish your thesis.
Remember which printing service you selected when you started your quest.
Go to its website and review its requirements for the book cover,
including the size, bleeds, and so on.
Setup the configuration of your book cover accordingly
as described in \autoref{sec:cover}.
Write an interesting summary for your book to be printed on the cover's back,
along with a short description of who you actually are.
Draw a fancy picture to be printed on the cover's front.\footnote{%
As one former PhD student notes, however,
the picture should not be too fancy
or else the existing covers would look lame by comparison\ldots}
Make sure that you include the correct number on your cover.
If you have an ISBN, include that as well;
if you do not, leave the ISBN field blank.
In particular, do not produce a bar code of the series' ISSN instead!
\subsubsection{Creating the Publishing Version}
\todo[inline]{Write this section.}
Having finished your book's cover,
we now turn to configuring the book's content properly.
Activate or deactivate the different parts of your book
according to \autoref{tab:structure}.
This includes listing your reviewers and your supervisor
as well as collecting meta information about your book.
Your printing service may require your book's page count to be divisible by four.
If so, make sure you include enough blank pages at the end.
\todo[inline]{How do authors obtain the URN-NBN that should be included in the meta information?}
\subsubsection{Quality Assurance}
\todo[inline]{Write this section.}
Your book is basically finished.
It is now time to make sure everything adheres to the rules.
Check the QA checklist which is part of the KCSS documentation files
(see \autoref{sub:where}).
The list mentions the most common problems QA finds with KCSS submissions.
Be sure to have those covered.
Some printing services allow you to upload your cover and content
prior to its submission for printing to check for problems.
If that is possible with your printing service,
make use of this feature now and fix any problems the printing service finds.
Submit your book and cover PDF files to QA for approval.
This will usually start a number of iterations of QA asking for changes
and you implementing those changes
until your book is ready to be published.
\subsubsection{Publishing and Printing}
\todo[inline]{Write this section.}
It is almost over.
Here's what you need to do to finish this.
Upload the files approved by QA to your printing service and produce the required printed copies.
Depending on what you are publishing,
we require you to print a certain number of copies of your book:
\todo[inline]{Details on how many copies need to be produced.}
One copy is also welcome at the Fachbibliothek for Mathematics and Computer Science in Kiel.
If you are printing a dissertation,
you will probably want to print a few additional copies:
for yourself,
for your supervisor,
for your second and your third reviewer,
as well as for any relative interested enough in your academic career.
You may also want to send a copy to the library of Schloss Dagstuhl,\footnote{\url{}}
the Leibniz Center for Informatics,
which aims for an in\-/depth coverage of literature on computer science.\footnote{%
Should you attend a future Dagstuhl seminar,
this copy will be on display on a special shelf in the library during the seminar.}
......@@ -407,6 +517,7 @@ We will talk about that version in the later stages.
\subsection{Numbers and Versions}
Works in the Series are numbered consecutively for each year,
starting with 1 in each new year.
......@@ -1090,11 +1201,14 @@ This is not the case any more.
%%%%%% %%%% %%%% % % %%%%% %%%% %% %%%%%% % %
\section{Book Cover}
The package for the book cover is in the file \lstinline|kcssCover.sty|.
Several lengths and a few other options can be set when it is loaded.
The contents of the cover (title, author, text on the back, \etc)
can be specified by \lstinline|\renewcommand|\,ing certain commands.
The KCSS repository contains example covers
that you can use to get started with your own cover.
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