Commit 9678c2e0 authored by Lasse Kliemann's avatar Lasse Kliemann

example document: generate metapage citation example with biblatex

parent 7bb1a288
\addbibresource{manual-example.metapage.bib} % required for metapage citation example
......@@ -21,15 +23,11 @@ Over Three Lines}%
{2011/99 v1.0 dated 2011-11-15}%
{Fake Research Group}%
{John Q. Postgraduate.
\textit{My Fake Dissertation With a Long Title}.
Kiel Computer Science Series 2011/99.
Department of Computer Science,
Faculty of Engineering,
Kiel University,
\textsc{isbn:} xxx-x-xxxxx-xxx-x.}%
{2011 by John Q. Postgraduate}%
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